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au nom de toute l’équipe, je tiens à vous remercier pour la qualité et la convivialité de cette journée.

Bien cordialement



Bonjour Martin,

Un grand merci pour notre sortie avec le Cap des Palmes, d’hier. Elle laissera un grand souvenir dans la famille. Bravo pour avoir fait renaître ce bateau et lui permettre ainsi de nous donner tout ce bonheur. Vous avez été très attentionné avec nous, en particulier pour les estomacs retournés. Maman a repris des couleurs sur la terre ferme, pas de problème. Ci-joint la dernière photo du groupe pour enrichir le diaporama du site, si vous voulez.Bien cordialement.


Ce petit message pour te dire à quel point tous les participants de cette belle journée du dimanche 3 juillet ont énormément apprécié ces instants en mer.
Tous ont admirés la beauté du cap des palmes , les connaissances et les qualités du skipper.
Bon , nous avons cassé quelque verre et nous nous en excusons.
Jocelyne qui a fait beaucoup de voile , et moi qui suis moniteur de plongée ( pour mes loisirs….car j’ai aussi un métier ) avons particulièrement été fier de pouvoir faire participer nos invités à une journée comme celle ci.
Deux mots……magique et grandiose.
Je me suis permis de transmettre tes coordonnées à un ami qui fait de la location de camping car pour Hollandais , il est basé à Aix , mais ses clients passent par Bandol.
Pour info :
Encore un grand merci de la part de deux personnes qui apprécient particulièrement le milieu marin.

Street journeys might get dull, that is why you need to intend to perform some actions throughout your touring. Additionally to only halting to consume and make use of the rest room, actions give individuals some thing to look ahead to and assist make the journey much more enjoyable. Offer your children with the itinerary for your route so they are in a position to concentrate on every location around the method to the placement.

When touring having a infant or toddler, make sure to deliver a blanket from your home. It’s good to possess some thing which will scent a bit little bit like house for the infant. Every thing will probably be so various and new the scent of house will probably be extremely calming and will assist relaxed your beloved a bit little bit.

Consider alongside a little of duct tape along with you in the event you discover that you’ll need it. It’s 1 of these issues which will repair numerous issues that may go incorrect whilst on holiday and possessing a lengthy strip of it wrapped about a pen or pencil could help you save from 1 from the numerous disasters that may arrive your way.

Chew gum when you have ear pain around the aircraft. When an plane requires off or lands, stress modifications within the cabin may cause your ears to really feel unpleasant and stuffy – and will result in a unpleasant pop once the stress lastly normalizes. To prevent this, chew gum throughout these stress modifications. Jaw movement while you chew stops stress from developing within the ear canal and you’ll be much more comfy.

Deliver a get in touch with lens situation along with you when you’re touring. They’re perfect for packing little quantities of lotions or hair gel.

An excellent suggestion when you are touring to some 3rd globe nation would be to bear in mind of what transportation to consider as soon as you are there. Occasionally using a taxi may be the best choice simply because it would not be secure to stroll. Obtaining around the bus can also be a feasible choice in these nations.

If you’re likely to be touring, it would behoove you to definitely have about some kind of protecting gadget, like pepper spray. In a few nations, the legal component concentrates on robbing wealthy foreigners, particularly People in america, so that you could be a good idea to shield your self in a few way. By doing this you are able to appreciate your journey and stay stress-free.

Pack your small goodies inside a gallon dimension zip-lock bag so that you could get to it effortlessly throughout the flight. You will find couple of issues which are much more irritating when boarding an plane compared to the one who is keeping every thing up simply because they’re digging for some thing within their bag that’s within the overhead.

With suggestions like these, you need to be much more keen than ever before to obtain out and discover the world. You will broaden your thoughts and improve comprehending from the fantastic large globe about us. Make some ideas utilizing the following tips to create your subsequent journey much better than ever before. Have a good time and consider fantastic photos!


Usually Questioning How you can Choose An excellent Hotel? Use These Suggestions!

Whenever you are looking out the proper hotel for the remain, you would like a great deal along with a comfy location. Do you frequently discover your self preparing beforehand, or are you currently certainly one of these individuals who choose a quit along the way? Continue reading to discover much more about how you can select the proper hotel.

To accommodate a little family members without needing to spend for much more than 1 hotel space, appear to get a place that provides suites. Frequently the prices are competitive with single-room prices at other hotels, however the addition of a living region (along with a fold-out bed) indicates that much more of you are able to sleep comfortably.

Make use of the web when looking for a hotel. Any of these kinds of websites can help you get an excellent discount. They are able to also show you what the hotel’s typical prices usually are, permitting you to determine whether or not you’re really obtaining a great deal or not. Lastly, they are able to help you in deciding when to holiday and what to complete as soon as you arrive at your location.


Do you remain at a specific hotel chain pretty frequently? Think about signing up for their loyalty club. So long as it’s totally free to complete so, you truly have absolutely nothing to shed. Providing the hotel your get in touch with info could imply obtaining unique perks that you could make use of the subsequent time you remain there.

When traveling with kids, make sure the hotels you select provide attributes the children will appreciate. A playground on website is extremely useful. A pool with lots of shallow region and/or a kiddie pool will offer fantastic play time. Also verify to determine when the hotel you’re thinking about provides a kid care service.

To be able to save cash on hotel stays, book far ahead of time. In the event you can book a few months early, lots of places will provide you with a steeper discount. You are able to save as much as 50 %, even on elite hotel chains.

Don’t really feel silly with regards to asking a hotel’s guest representative some concerns. In the event you are searching for quiet and relaxation, you have to ask ahead to become certain you’ll get it. For example, will be the hotel as well close to an airport? Is there building going on nearby. Know this prior to booking having a hotel.

In the event you are an AAA member, verify into your membership hotel discount. Numerous individuals are shocked to determine hotel discounts integrated with their auto club membership. You might save 5% or perhaps much more on nationwide hotels. The savings can truly add up nightly.

In the event you possess a small 1 with you, keep in mind that hotel rooms are not generally setup for babies. Do not neglect to pack a couple of issues to ensure that you are able to infant proof the space. For instance, an outlet cover is little however it plays a large function in maintaining your kid secure.

Prior to booking a hotel space, ask the hotel about their return policy. You by no means know what could occur and also you might wind up getting to cancel your reservation. If there isn’t any return policy, you can be essentially throwing your cash down the drain. Do not book having a hotel till you realize this info.



Your birthday party, a weedding anniversary, a bachelor party,

A promotion or invite your VIP customers, your work partners,

or simply share a great time with your family or friends

while discovering

the beauties of our region from the sea.

The two masted square-rigged ship ” Dundee” length 17m high, width 4m gauges 11.91tx the authenticity of this traditional sailing ship will seduce you

et Fêtez en mer

Votre Anniversaire, Anniversaire de Mariage, fin de célibat,

promotion, ou invitez vos clients VIP, vos collaborateurs,

ou simplement se faire plaisir en famille ou entre amis
en découvrant les charmes de notre région coté mer.

Gréement ” Dundee ” Longueur 17m ht, Largeur 4m, jauge 11.91 tx . L’authenticité de ce vieux gréement vous séduira…..



Do not limit your hotel bed bug inspection towards the bed. Bed bugs may be as much as fifteen feet away. So, verify any chairs as well as other furnishings about the space. Also appear in drawers and closet spaces prior to unpacking your garments and risking them. As usually, flag somebody around the employees down in the event you discover something.

In the event you are searching to save cash in your subsequent trip, it’s a great concept to book a hotel which has an in-room kitchen. Numerous locations have complete kitchens that consist of a countertop variety along with a refrigerator. Preparing your personal meals will save you cash because you’ll not have to spend for space service or restaurant meals.

Hotels which are close to tourist destinations have a tendency to become pricy. In the event you don’t thoughts traveling a couple of minutes to attain your location, think about staying at a hotel that’s a little additional away. The prices at hotels which are a little off the beaten path are frequently far more affordable than their counterparts which are correct within the center from the action.

Grotte Booking

Did you obtain a newspaper outdoors of one’s hotel space this morning? If that’s the case, odds are you’ll be charged for it. To prevent becoming charged for an undesirable newspaper, take the newspaper towards the front desk and inform the desk clerk that you simply don’t want to obtain a newspaper throughout your remain.

The very best time for you to get a discount on a hotel remain is by booking your space 24 hours prior to you strategy to go. This might appear like a large danger, however it can result in large discounts. Hotels are much more most likely to provide discounts at that time because the space might not be booked otherwise.

The hotel company is competitive. In the event you possess a poor encounter throughout a hotel go to, let the management know correct away. Your comments will assist them enhance their service and make them into a much better chain. Occasionally you might even get space credits as a sign of appreciation from management.

In the event you are searching for the very best hotel deal, think about not staying inside a hotel! Holiday rentals and house rentals could be a lot less expensive as well as nicer. This could leave lots of extra money for you personally to complete enjoyable issues whilst you’re vacationing. It may be an excellent deal.

Numerous hotel offer a refrigerator having a well-stocked mini bar. Prior to you assist your self towards the products, take notice from the costs. These small amenities come at a steep premium. So, in the event you strategy to indulge your self with these products, just be ready to spend a hefty cost for them.

Do you really feel confident that the following hotel you select will suit your requirements just fine? The guidance discussed right here ought to have helped you consider what to think about as you choose a location to lay your head down for the evening. With all of the options available, you ought to be in a position to choose a great 1 with out discovering your self staying inside a dump.